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7 Second Eye Lift

  • Starts Working in 7 Seconds
  • Also Produces Long Term Results
  • Safe even for sensitive skin
  • #1 Best Selling Eye Cream
  • 90-Day Guarantee
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With so many high end and high price eye creams out there it’s hard to find something that meets your needs when you need them. That’s why 7 Second Eye Lift Cream came into being, it’s a fantastic mixture of leading patented ingredients which have shown their worth in reducing all signs of aging.

It’s one of our favorites because of its impressive ability to fit your needs right away while working in a formula that can continuously strengthen, tighten, and brighten! 7 Second Eye Lift Cream is a product designed specifically to treat signs of aging around your eyes and bring back the youthful glow around your eyes. It contains a plethora of patented ingredients that have been clinically tried and approved for years now, including some of the industry’s favorites like SynColl and Pepha-Tight.

That being said, like many quick fix beauty treatments, 7 Second Eye Lift Cream comes with it’s share of criticism from the customer base. I plan to show you why experts regularly express their love for this product, and hopefully explain why some adverse results are things you shouldn’t be concerned about!

My First Impression

There are a lot of products out there that the minute you try to use them you regret it. Either it stings, or it smells, or it doesn’t spread well, or it’s too oily…these all suck. So when reviewing a product I look for a few things:

  1. How much there is in the bottle?
  2. How does it smell?
  3. Is it oily?
  4. How quickly does it work?

How big is the bottle?

The bottle seems super small when you first get it, my honest first question was how would a little 4-inch bottle last me all month? The creators were actually pretty smart here, the cream doesn’t take a lot for it to spread effectively, when used as prescribed it lasts almost exactly a month!

How does it smell?

Probably my favorite part, though, is that it doesn’t smell. A lot of creams that you invest in will smell chemically or have some sort of perfume, which is almost worse. 7 Second Eye Cream is clean and easy to apply without immediately regretting it.

Is it oily?

Thankfully, and surprisingly, no. There are a few oils included in the ingredients list, but they don’t make it seem oily, it works just fine with my makeup and I’m not stressing it melting off halfway through the day.

How quickly does it work?

This part I think probably depends on the person, my skin is relatively sensitive. I can tell if there’s even the smallest bit of witch hazel in a product (there’s not any in this) just because of the way it affects my skin. So for me I felt the pulling and tightening almost immediately, not sure if it was in 7 seconds, I forgot to time it, but within a few seconds. Some complaints online where that they didn’t feel it that quickly, it might be more of a skin sensitivity issue.

Overall my first impression was that it felt good and my skin was soft without being extra oily, and it was nice to have a product I didn’t smell all day.

What are the ingredients?

7 Second Eye Lift Cream contains a wide variety of ingredients, which is necessary because of its claims to be able to fix everything, but it makes it a bit of a pain to explain what all of them do. So here are all the super important ones!

Pepha-Tight: is a purified microalgae which has natural tightening and firming processes. It reached the beauty industry after researchers discovered a way to biotechnologically purify the plant to ensure its peak performance.

SynColl (oligopeptide-29): is the anti-aging industry darling, when it hit the markets customers were thrilled with its efficiency and quick impact. It improves texture and smooths rough skin.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate): is essential for improving the way your skin grows and improves. It helps increase blood flow which helps reduce the look of dark circles and prevent the creation of fine lines and wrinkles. One thing to note here, though, is that it does increase skin sensitivity to the sun, but that is part of why Vitamin C was included in the formula.

Vitamin C: helps protect the skin from the sun and external stressors like facial expressions. What it does is help collagen production (which will make your skin stronger and thicker) and neutralizes free radicals (which are known to cause skin damage and in extreme cases, cancer). While it doesn’t prevent cancer, it contradicts the risk of Retinyl Palmitate to make sure you get the most out of the eye cream.

Eyeseryl: This product is typically used to fight puffiness and under eye fluid that cause eyes to look tired and old. It improves vascular function under the skin and allows for nutrients to reach the dermis which helps rebuild the strength and health of your skin to preserve and protect it from extra harm and aging.

The ingredients really are what sold me, there isn’t one ingredient in the makeup that doesn’t have some, if even slight, beneficial impact on your skin. It does take a bit of sleuthing to make sure you’re right… The label makes excellent use of the scientific names of nearly everything, so unless you know what those are already it’s definitely worth it to google them.

How has it worked in the past?

7 Second Eye Lift Cream has proven contradictory in the past, it has obtained negative reviews from some previous customers while also amassing customers who are thrilled with the impact it had on their skin. To say the least, the community is split on whether they like this product or not.

We chose this product to fit in the top ten because of the clinical and professional reviews and because of the nature of the complaints by customers. Let me explain.

Many of the negative reviews are by people who have use improperly or refused to try it after seeing how small the bottle was. This is easily seen in the comments made by customers on amazon. The effects are instantaneous, but the long lasting impact does require using this bottle for more than a week or two.

And not only that, it isn’t likely to work as effectively on other parts of your skin, it won’t reduce wrinkles as well in your cheeks, forehead, or chin. And this is where many comments seem to stem from, they resort to using it as an “all over moisturizer” which it wasn’t built for.

And while the bottle is small, a little bit of this does go a long way. Using too much of it at a time won’t improve results and will leave you with less than intended.

This is something that professionals and those leaving positive reviews found, once you hit that sweet spot you will notice an immediate change and the results will last longer. It can help the wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes, and continuous use has shown that.

Tips to make it work better

If you want to see real results and in the 7 Seconds they promise, the first thing you should do is cleanse your face. Too much gunk in your pores from the day can reduce its effectiveness and leave you questioning whether this product was worth it. This means making sure that all makeup is removed, so typically I recommend using it before you put any on.

The second tip is to be sure to use it day and night, this is more for the long term effects. Don’t be scared of running out of cream from the bottle, a few dots around your eyes (like 4-5 small ones) will be more than enough. And you will see the product last the month.

And third, give your skin time to absorb it and dry before adding anything else on top. It should just take a few seconds, I waited about 30 seconds to a minute before applying moisturizer and makeup. This just ensures you don’t wipe off excess product before it has a chance to set (and this rule applies to any and all eye creams in case you are curious).

Final Thoughts

I liked the cream, it was quick and effective and my dark circles seemed to disappear after just a few uses. I honestly think that a majority of the issues that stemmed from those who were unhappy with this product is because they either used too much or didn’t start it off right.

And not to mention, it’s only $20 just about anywhere you get it, it is literally the cheapest eye cream I have found that isn’t a Wal-Mart knock off brand. And you can get a total refund if it just doesn’t suit your needs. I would recommend this product because it has real time results with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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