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Olay Professional Prox Wrinkle Smoothing

  • Protects Skin From Harmful UV Rays
  • Improves Firmness
  • Great Overnight Cream
  • Reasonable Price
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As if one wasn’t enough, Olay managed to produce an entire line of anti wrinkle creams to attempt to meet the needs of any customer coming their way. The Professional Prox Wrinkle Smoothing cream works as an excellent addition to this line.

Although the company does seem a little scared to sell it on its own, the leading spot to find this on amazon this product is packed in with 2 others in their line. Between the 3 of them they have managed to maintain a 4 star rating with 644 reviews.

So it is a little difficult to find out if customers are actually thrilled with this product or if it is the other products it’s sold with that customers are impressed by.

Now that being said, Olay is a top rated nationally recognized brand that has proven itself with all its other products. And this one isnt too far different.

How big is the bottle?

The bottle contains 1.7 oz and according to all customers this is about what you should expect from Olay, especially where the product was created to be used all over your face and neck. One bottle should be enough to last about a month, but that also makes it kind of a pricier product. If you compare it to Olay Regenerist, which is #6 on our list, it is nearly twice as expensive for the same amount of product.

How does it smell?

There isn’t any noticeable smell with this, which means there is no added perfumes or fragrances that might irritate your skin. That’s really important in skin creams because you never know everything that goes into a fragrance and often times it is what causes rashes or breakouts.

Is it oily?

Yes, it is a little oily. There are a few customers who complain that they feel like their makeup has melted off quickly after applying because this product made their skin so oily. I recommend that if you are going to use this then you should drop your moisturizer and your sunscreen (it contains both, so you’ll be covered) and just apply your primer and makeup afterwards.

That being said you should probably give it a few minutes to soak into your skin before adding other cosmetics on top as well. This improves its capability and also helps prevent your skin from feeling too oily.

How quickly does it work?

It works relatively quickly, I would expect results within about a month of use if you are using it properly. You should notice definite reductions in how many fine lines you see, the depth and width of your wrinkles, and the elasticity of your skin.

What is the quality of the ingredients?

The quality is actually better than that of Olay Regenerist. Which is a little surprising because reviewers still seem to prefer Regenerist to the Professional Prox Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. The ingredients include clinically proven peptides and elastin, but possibly not to the same extent as competitive anti-aging creams. The ingredients also include a wide array of alcohol based mixes which can be harmful for sensitive skin.

Altogether there aren’t as many reviews to base this off of like there are with Olay Regenerist, but it seems to be a stout product. With the ingredients it uses it’s understandable that the price would be that much more than the regenerist.

I recommend the product, although not as much as I would with Oxytokin, our top branded product. I say this because it closer reflects a drugstore anti-wrinkle cream but with the price of a professional product, rather than a professional product with a professional price.

But it will improve the look of wrinkles and help your skin build and maintain health and strength.

Where to Buy Olay Professional Prox Wrinkle Smoothing