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Olay Regenerist

  • Results Start on Day 1
  • Reduces Width, Volume, and Depth
  • Improves Skin Elasticity and Firmness
  • Delivers Anti-Aging Ingredients
  • Contains Amino-Peptid Complex II
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This product hits the top 10 in almost every page, and this is for a reason, there are a lot of happy customers of Olay. They are a large name brand company that has managed to provide a product to fit every need for a reasonable price.

But in all the excitement about professional style wrinkle creams for a great price, Olay has also managed to cause a bit of a stir with their ingredients. Which is why it won’t take a higher place on our list.

I personally stand by Olay because they have proven themselves as a company, but there are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing from them.

How big is the bottle?

The bottle is 1.7 oz which is great, because they recommend applying a liberal amount to your face and neck day and night. So you will need a little bit more than some of the other products we recommend. One thing to make a note of when your bottle arrives is that there are some cases where a fake was shipped to customers, it’s not a huge occurrence but make sure the label is the same as in the picture before using.

How does it smell?

There is definitely no smell to this, which is really great. It means that there are no perfumes or fragrances added which helps prevent allergies to the product. It also means you don’t have to deal with a smell you don’t like for a long time.

Is it oily?

For exceptionally oily skin it can feel a little too oily. I have this problem, so when I use this product I try to avoid adding in any other moisturizers so my makeup doesn’t melt off before I even get to work. But if you are prone to dry or even just normal skin, then this will be great for you.

How quickly does it work?

Olay claims that it starts to work by Day 1, and this is because of special ingredients that make it extra effective. This is more of a person by person basis, even positive reviews say that it takes a little time before you see or feel any legitimate results. Typically results are seen within the month.

What is the quality of the ingredients?

The ingredients seem to be quality, there isn’t anything particularly outstanding used. Their big ingredient that they claim helps the most is the Vitamin B3, which is a proven anti-wrinkle agent. The problem here, though, lies with the fact that too much Vitamin B3 can result in an itchy sunburned feeling, and there are customers who have noted that this has happened.

In this case I highly recommend dabbing a little bit on your skin before using it all over your face, give it time to sit in and make sure that you are not particularly sensitive to the product.

This can help you decide whether it’s worth it to use the product. There is no guarantee for the product, so if you are unsure if this might cause problems it is worth it to go to a local beauty store and try a free sample. There are some places that will have that available.

I definitely recommend this product, it has been around for a really long time and has a lot of happy and returning customers. Olay is a trusted brand that is sold nearly everywhere because it is typically safe and easy to use, and it’s also really cheap. So you are getting a killer deal on the product.

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