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  • Powerful Multi-purpose Formula
  • Scientifically Backed Ingredients
  • UV Skin Protection
  • Ultra Hydration For The Skin
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Featuring Patented, Trademarked & Clinically Proven Ingredients
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Oxytokin has taken our top spot for favorite anti-aging creams because of its sheer capability to work with any skin type to reduce the signs of aging. This product has been proven time and time again since its introduction to the anti-aging world in 2010, and with a 97% approval rating, it’s hard not to see why it’s our top choice.

Picking the right anti-aging cream can be difficult to say the least. Which is why I have created this review, I’ve broken down our process to show you to see exactly why we choose Oxytokin as our favorite.

What is the product?

Oxytokin is an anti-aging cream that hit the market in 2010, and while it has maintained its loner status in the industry it has also made a big bang. Let me explain.

Oxytokin is produced by the eSupplements company based out of Utah, it’s not a big name like Olay or BaeBody. Which means that they have to work extra hard to produce a quality product that will build a continuous client base. Typically smaller companies are looked over when it comes to these products, but that isn’t always the best answer.

What is its intended purpose?

Oxytokin was created to attack all signs of aging and build cleaner, stronger, healthier skin. It claims to do this by using scientifically backed ingredients that are time tested rather than being part of new fads, which is probably why it has garnered the following it has.

Some of the top proven ingredients are Peptides, Glycerin, and Beeswax. And all of which are used liberally in this formula because they work.

What are the ingredients?

It contains 22 enhancing, strengthening, and brightening products that sink deep into your skin to ensure that it can effectively reduce and in some cases, eliminate, all signs of aging. Among those ingredients are 6 top rated peptides, 8 natural extracts, and 7 skin binding agents whose sole purpose is to protect your skin from even the harshest environments.

Peptides: Peptides are necessary because they are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks to the proteins that protect your skin. By including peptides in your anti-aging cream, Oxytokin has ensured that while it is cleaning and preserving, your skin will be growing stronger and healthier day by day. [1]

Natural Extracts: Natural extracts are often ignored by other companies that make these creams, but that renders much of the work done useless because there is nothing done to ensure that you are also absorbing nutrients into your skin. The nutrients that these hold will help soften your skin while giving it a beautiful glow. Just like the rest of your body needs nutrients to function properly, so does your skin! [2]

Skin Binding Agents: While many shy away from putting chemicals on their skin, these are some that will not only improve the effectiveness of the peptides, but also improve your skin’s ability to absorb the nutrients from the extracts. They help moisturize and lock in those essentials which is so important when you are trying to reduce or eliminate signs of aging! [3]

What is the quality of these ingredients?

Each of these ingredients not only has clinical backing for their ability to drastically improve their effectiveness in reducing signs of aging, but the makers of Oxytokin has also guaranteed clinical trials that show how well they work. They are so sure of their product that they have perfected their industry leading 100% Money Back Guarantee, they’re so sure of your results that they are willing to refund you 100% if you are unhappy.

How has it worked in the past?

In any site that has allowed customers to review this product you will see an overwhelming number of thrilled customers. Most see results within weeks of use, some even claim to see results within days.

One thing to note is that of the negative reviews, most say that they’ve only been using the product for a few days. And while we are thrilled with those who do see results within days of use, it is important to remember that most of these products work differently on different people. So be sure to give the product time to actually work!

Will it work for you?

I have no doubt that you will see results with this product, not only is it backed by clinical trials but it has been around for long enough to prove effective with every skin type and aging problem. Whether you are using this just to clear up fine lines, to reduce the look of dark circles, or even to attack those pesky wrinkles, you will see results.

Tips to make it work better

What is important to remember with all skin creams is that it is possible to have an allergy to something without knowing it. So before starting to use Oxytokin I highly recommend using a small amount on a patch of skin and watching to see if there are any adverse reactions, this is standard with any cream that you use. And if you do notice any issues please return the bottle and talk to your doctor!

If you try it and there are no issues then feel free to apply it to the rest of your face. The cream has been known to spread easier and faster than a lot of others, which means that a little bit will go a long way.

Once you have applied it, be sure to give it a few minutes to dry before adding in sunscreen or any other cosmetics over the top. Like most creams it will make makeup seem melty if applied too soon.

There are some oils in this cream, those are part of the natural extracts. So if you are prone to oily skin it won’t be necessary to apply your daily moisturizer. And it might help to pat a small amount of dry powder later on in the day if you notice your skin being too moist.

Final Thoughts

I’m typically skeptical of “fix it all” products, it’s fair to proceed with caution on any product that claims it will cure everything. But this product not only has the clinical tests to prove its worth, but a few years to gain a real following. Which does say a lot.

Looking at the ingredients, the company who made it, and the results that have been expressed by happy customers I do recommend this product. Within a few days your skin will feel softer, and after a week or two it will feel firmer, and within a few weeks of using this as intended you should actually see real results.

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