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Oxytoxin Type II

  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Clinically Proven Formula
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Features Eyeseryl, Pepha-Tight, and Vitamin C
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It seems like every big brand eye cream or anti-aging cream manages to have the best proven products, and be top clinical trials, but often times the best products are swept under the rug because they don’t come from a big name company.

Oxytoxin Type II may very well be one of those products.

When it first came out 3 years ago it received negative feedback mainly on the lack of distribution of the ingredients list, price, and the perpetuation of the idea that this was an overnight fix to skin aging problems.

After looking at the product ingredients, clinical trials, and overall presentation of the product, I honestly have to say this is an excellent product.

My First Impression

First impressions are always important, so when I first opened the package containing Oxytoxin Type II I was frankly surprised. This tiny little bottle was going to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes? I really hope it doesn’t smell. The packaging is so plain! I have a few lenses through which I review a product:

  1. How big is the bottle (and will it last)?
  2. How does it smell?
  3. Is it oily?
  4. How quickly does it work?

How big is the bottle?

The bottle is tiny, when I first looked at it I felt like I had been jipped. There have been some customer reviews about it seeming only half full, mine seemed just fine, there are a lot of products that come in tiny bottles like this where the product settles towards the bottom and it makes it seem that way. I digress, there seems to be more than enough, and other reviewers have agreed that this lasts pretty well through the month.

How does it smell?

I kind of noticed a chemical smell on my first use, but it went away quickly and I haven’t noticed it since. I’m guessing it was just because it was remixing the formula, and that happens.

Is it oily?

No, that was probably my favorite part. There are a few oils in the ingredients but they don’t seem to be enough to make it slick up your skin. They’re mostly used, I’m guessing, to combat any dryness that comes from the other ingredients. Actually overall it didn’t feel like a moisturizer or anything like that, it felt a little tight around my eyes for a minute or so and then when that relaxed it seemed to sink into my skin without effort.

How quickly does it work?

This is something that is heavily debated in the reviews, some people noticed it working quickly (some within a day of use) and others didn’t notice any changes until the bottle was nearly empty so about 3-4 weeks in. That’s a pretty standard issue, most wrinkle cream companies like to think their product works immediately on all skin types, but it’s safe to expect that your skin is different and will react differently.

What are the Ingredients?

K so the ingredients list is ridiculously long, you can check them all out here. [insert link to ingredients page] But I felt it would be useful to point out the big important ones and why you should look for these in any ingredients list.

Vitamin C: helps protect the skin from the sun and external stressors like facial expressions. What it does is help collagen production (which will make your skin stronger and thicker) and neutralizes free radicals (which are known to cause skin damage and in extreme cases, cancer.) while it doesn’t prevent cancer, it contradicts the risk of Retinyl Palmitate to make sure you get the most out of the eye cream.

Pepha- Tight: is a purified microalgae which has natural tightening and firming processes. It reached the beauty industry after researchers discovered a way to biotechnologically purify the plant to ensure its peak performance.

Eyeseryl: This product is typically used to fight puffiness and under eye fluid that cause eyes to look tired and old. It improves vascular function under the skin and allows for nutrients to reach the dermis which helps rebuild the strength and health of your skin to preserve and protect it from extra harm and aging.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate): is essential for improving the way your skin grows and improves. It helps increase blood flow which helps reduce the look of dark circles and prevent the creation of fine lines and wrinkles. One thing to note here, though, is that it does increase skin sensitivity to the sun, but that is part of why Vitamin C was included in the formula.

Oligopeptide-29 (Syn Coll): is the anti-aging industry darling, when it hit the markets customers were thrilled with its efficiency and quick impact. It improves texture and smooths rough skin.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl 3000): Matrixyl 3000 came out in 2011 as a way to combat the negative effects of harmful UV rays, its anti-aging processes were tested and tried years before its release only to show its capabilities in reversing the effects of day to day aging. It is currently an industry top rated ingredient in any skin care product.

Other Peptides: Peptides are necessary because they are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks to the proteins that protect your skin. By including peptides in your anti-aging cream, Oxytokin has ensured that while it is cleaning and preserving, your skin will be growing stronger and healthier day by day.

How has it worked in the past?

Unfortunately this product is very back and forth on the review boards, which means I need to go over each of the reasons why people did and did not like it and explain why it is our top choice.

One very important thing to note is that while this product has been on the market for a while it hasn’t amassed the same popularity as other name brand products. What this means is that because there are always negative reviews, they will typically show up more than those who love it and especially when there aren’t as many written reviews to start out with.

So one major complaint that customers had was just how small the bottle was, this is a common complaint especially for products that are as expensive as this used to be. When it first came out, the sellers had it for nearly 100$, so a small bottle is always a surprise. Anymore you can get this for around 50$ if not less, on amazon right now its lowest price is about 40$. Which is actually really cheap for the type of ingredients you are getting.

Another note is that many claim it doesn’t work as quickly as the manufacturer says it will, this is pretty typical of ANY eye cream you get. The manufacturer will likely give the shortest amount of time they have seen results come from to make sure that people look at their products, that really is just marketing. Because we all have different skin types it’s safe to assume that there may be a bit of variance. There are customer reviews where it worked quicker than what the manufacturer said, it all depends on the user.

That being said, the ingredients are all high quality and used as instructed by industry clinical trials. Each ingredient has been included at the optimal percentage in comparison to the other ingredients and none of these have negative reactions with each other at this level.

Tips to make it work better

When it comes to picking the right product you also have to take into consideration habit changes that may need to happen to improve its ability to work. For example: most eye products will work better when you’ve just washed your face. Making sure you have clean skin will insure that you have nothing preventing it from working.

Another great tip is to give it time to sink in before adding anything else to your skin. There is a reason that these products work best at night, and it’s because typically you will have just washed your face and do not plan on adding anything on it any time soon. So make sure to give it a minute or so before adding other cosmetics on top of it. That will help it work without reactions.

And my last tip is to be sure you are using it morning and night. A lot of customers will only use it once a day, and sometimes its not actually the most optimized time of day for your skin. Let me explain, skin has certain points of each day where it is ready to absorb nutrients and build strength effectively. It kind of depends on the person, like when I use a cleanser at night I can still wake up with gross oily skin, but when I use it in the morning my skin will stay oil free as long as I don’t add makeup to the top.

Finding the perfect time to use these products is a pain, so it’s best just to use it twice a day and make sure all your ground is covered so it will work optimally.

And my last piece of advice is that if you are going to try this product please practice safely. Dab it on a small part of your skin and watch for any reactions through the day. If there are any then please wash your skin, call your doctor, and utilize the Money Back Guarantee that they offer. If there are none, then you are good to use it how I explained above.

Final Thoughts

This specific product was built well, it has all the necessary ingredients for it to work properly. Probably the only mistake that this company has made, and it is a mistake that almost every company makes, is that it makes claims that it will work the same on all skin types. It shouldn’t cause any rashes or irritation but you will see results at differing times from others.

As I said before some notice changes within a day of use, and some require a little more time. You do have time to use this product before the guarantee is up, so give it that time and if you are unhappy then there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. (But I doubt you will need it 😉 )

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