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Prototype 37-c

  • 99% Concentration Peptide
  • Last 1% is Hyaluronic Acid
  • Over 50% Off Retail Price
  • Fast & Effective Results
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Every skin care regimen requires an excellent serum, a serum is a product that looks and feels like water but is actually a bunch of highly condensed active ingredients that work on a variety of problems. In a wrinkle serum you are looking for something that will pack a punch with just a few drops.

One of the biggest complaints about anti-aging products is that they lack guts. And this is the problem with buying creams rather than serums, you will never get the exact ingredients you want and more often than not you will have more fillers than anything.

Prototype #37-C is a top rated serum because it has managed to be a product that is 99% peptides, which are chains of amino acids that help strengthen your skin and improve elasticity.

That being said there are some pros and cons to this serum, mostly pros, but I’ll go over them all!

My First Impression

It’s always worth it to be skeptical of a product, especially one that costs this much. So I usually run each product through my special screening process. I check to see how quality of a product it is based off 4 things:

  1. How much there is in the bottle?
  2. How does it smell?
  3. Is it oily?
  4. How quickly does it work?

How much is there in the bottle?

With this bottle you are getting A TON. With how they prescribe usage and the fact that this works out of a dropper, you are buying a few months worth of product rather than just a month. Which, in my opinion, really helps the price be easier to swallow.

How does it smell?

Honestly, if I didn’t know better I would say it was just water. There isn’t any smell and it sinks right into your skin with no trouble. This is great because it sucks to have something that smells bad on your face all day, even if it’s just slightly perfumed it can be annoying. It also means that there is no perfume, so a lot of the adverse reactions that come from fragrances can be avoided here.

Is it oily?

No, it’s a serum. But based off reviews this does throw a lot of people off, so I want to make a point of this. It is supposed to be super liquidy like water, and it’s supposed to feel like it absorbs quickly. In most cases it should absorb quicker than water does. The reason why it does that is because it is a set of ingredients that work together quickly to dive deep into your skin without much delay. But this also means that it won’t work like a moisturizer, so if you’re looking for something more like that I’d recommend Oxytokin.

How quickly does it work?

Now this is a part to be kind of speculated, while it is 99% peptides it doesn’t have any of the other quick release chemicals that speed up the process (like you have with the 7 Second Eye Lift) so the results are a little slower that way. But the product does last for a few months, and is guaranteed for 90-Days by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

What are the Ingredients?

50.0% Syn®-Coll: If you’ve been looking for the perfect wrinkle product for long you’ve undoubtedly heard of Syn-Coll. It is the industry favorite patented ingredient that is used in all top products. 50% of an entire product is the maximum suggested usage of Syn-Coll because it is so strong. What it does it tighten and strengthen weak skin especially where wrinkles are occurring.

19.0% SNAP-8: Snap-8 has been cited as the closest, but cheapest and safest alternative to Bo-Tox available on the market. It fortifies the tissue under the skin to fill out places that had been creviced and wrinkled by age, facial expressions, and external stressors.

12.0% Argireline® NP: While highly underrated, argireline NP is probably one of the strongest ingredients in the formulations. Clinical trials have proven time and time again to reduce the sight of wrinkles within weeks of use.

12.0% Leuphasyl®: Leuphasyl is another botox like peptide, it works especially well around the eyes and forehead. It works best when used to eliminate expression lines and reduce the overall impact of them on your skin. This helps reduce the wrinkles around your eyes and between your eyebrows while also preventing the causation of more.

5.00% Matrixyl™ 3000: Matrixyl 3000 came out in 2011 as a way to combat the negative effects of harmful UV rays, its anti-aging processes were tested and tried years before its release only to show its capabilities in reversing the effects of day to day aging. It is currently an industry top rated ingredient in any skin care product.

1.00% eyeseryl®: This product is typically used to fight puffiness and under eye fluid that cause eyes to look tired and old. It improves vascular function under the skin and allows for nutrients to reach the dermis which helps rebuild the strength and health of your skin to preserve and protect it from extra harm and aging.

1.00% Hyaluronic Acid: Is essential in every skin care regimen because of its ability to stimulate retinyl synthesis and protein distribution, it improves the health of your skin by urging other peptides to begin work.

How has it worked in the past?

Typically this product has been met with a variety of responses. There are more positive than negative reviews, but it is safe to say that the community is split over its effectiveness.

A majority of the positive responses come from customers who had not expected an overnight solution, and what they found was that once they figured out how to apply it for their specific skin type they were more than successful. Which brings to the forefront a typical issue for any cosmetic product. While the creator’s work to come up with a solid explanation of how to best utilize their products, everyone’s skin is different.

One woman explained how the product worked great for her skin, but she could only use it once a week because the solution was so strong it would cause a rash. She loved the product, but only needed it sparingly.

Another explained how after just a few weeks of using it all her expectations and then some where met.

The negative reviews seem to follow this same pattern, many expected an overnight solution, or refused to work to see how best it worked when applied to their skin. Some of the complaints were that it was like water, rather than a cream, which as I have already pointed out, is typical because it is a serum.

Overall in the past it has met expectations and has passed clinical trials with little effort.

Tips to make it work better

If you do plan on using this product I have a few tips that will make it work just that much better.

Wash your face before use

This ought to be a common sense tip, but people are human and can forget. If you wash your face before use then there are fewer things to react with or to prevent it from working to its full extent. This helps make sure that you are getting the most out of every drop you use.

Give it time to dry before adding on other cosmetics

This is not a moisturizer, so at the very least you will probably end up applying a moisturizer or sunscreen through the day. Before you add on anything else, though, be sure to give it time to really sink it. My rule of thumb is 30 seconds to a minute before adding on makeup, this just ensures that it has a little time to sink in.

Try your own variations

There are specific instructions for how this is to be used, but as we saw with one commenter, a few drops one day a week was more than enough. Products tend to work differently on each person so that means you have to figure out what will work best for you and utilize it to your advantage.

Test it before using it

There is always a chance of having something that reacts badly with your skin. I recommend testing a little bit of it on your skin before fully using it. If you break out in any rash or notice anything else that is unpleasant then please stop using it and call your doctor. There is a 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee which means you can return this if it causes any issues.

Final Thoughts

This product seems perfectly safe and like it will work for just about anyone. I recommend it, and can see why we put it as our #2 favorite anti-aging cream.

Enjoy looking young again without all the crazy hassle that other products have. You know what you’re getting with this product, so work it to its max.

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