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Pure Biology Total Eye Anti-Aging Eye Cream Infused

  • Lifts, firms, tightens, and brightens
  • Protection from UV & free radicals
  • Non-greasy
  • Deep, lasting moisture
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, bags, and dark circles
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So many eye creams available are extremely hit or miss, but Pure Biology “Total Eye” actually seems to be a consistent hit among reviewers. It has managed to obtain a 4.3 star rating with almost 1000 reviews in total.

And it seems pretty simple to see why, they have managed to take a lot of the best parts of an eye cream and add a bit of their own flare to help customers see results.

But does it live up to this hype?

How big is the bottle?

The bottle is 1 oz, and only about $20 (depending on where you get it, at the time of this writing $22.95 on Amazon). It is a small(ish) white and silver bottle with a pump up top. The pump does seem to be a major source of complaint, even among good reviews. Apparently some times the bottle comes without the pump or there is something wrong with the pump and customers are left to get the cream out other ways.

How does it smell?

There seems to be no smell, which is probably because there are mainly natural ingredients (rather than chemical ingredients) which typically leaves a product smell-less. They are also happy to advertise that it contains no fragrances or perfumes as well as being gluten, cruelty, and GMO free.

Is it oily?

They claim that it is not, but there are several reviewers that would say otherwise. Some comparing it to vaseline and some saying it may not be oily but it didn’t sink into the skin well. It seems to depend on how you use it, meaning how much, when, and with what other products. If you use it after washing your face and before adding makeup and give it time to dry before adding on makeup it seems to work the best.

How quickly does it work?

This is another source of contention, some reviewers saw results after just a few weeks, and some didn’t see it for a few months. That’s pretty normal for an eye cream. One thing to note on a lot of the negative reviews is that many of them were expecting it to work within days of use, likely because of the marketing for it to be an instant lift, and that has proven unlikely. You can expect results between 3 and 6 weeks on average.

What is the quality of the ingredients?

The ingredient quality is decent, they make it clear that the formula is 90% natural and it’s easy to see that in the ingredients list. There are a few unnatural ingredients included but that would seem to be mainly for consistency and preservation of the natural ingredients.

What many people have noticed is that it is capable of introducing nutrients and needed moisture to the eye area while it takes its time reducing signs of aging.

I’d recommend this, for sure. It has great overall reviews and the product quality seems on par with the best formulas while maintaining a bit of its natural stance.

This is not a quick fix, but it should work as an all over fix. This means it should help with dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and bags.

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