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StriVectin Eye Concentrate

  • Patented Rehydration Formula
  • Immediately Brightens Dark Shadows*
  • Reduces Puffiness Around eyes*
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While it doesn’t have a huge amazon presence, StriVectin has managed to hit the market hard on other sites, where it has really gained a strong following. Its patented design relies on NIA 114, which is an ingredient found only in StriVectin products.

This level of exclusivity gives it an air of authenticity which is difficult to find in a lot of products. We specifically like the eye concentrate because of its lightweight capabilities and the amount of customer support it has garnered.

That being said, there are many who find the product almost too much for eyes and can irritate the sensitive skin surrounding them. So I plan to go over the best and worst parts of the product to give a clear idea of what you can expect from StriVectin Eye Concentrate.

How big is the bottle?

The bottle is 1 oz, which is par for any eye cream or concentrate. From what I found this product is super lightweight and spreads easily, so the bottle typically lasts longer than a month. It’s the only product I’ve found where there have been no complaints about it not being enough, and for the price you pay for it that is something to seriously consider.

How does it smell?

There is a slight chemical smell but it evaporates quickly as the product seeps into your skin, it’s not enough to cause watery eyes or anything like that so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Is it oily?

It’s not oily, but seems to work well as a moisturizer around the eyes. There are actual added ingredients that contain essential nutrients, so it working as a moisturizer helps lock those ingredients in your skin to help hold on to the benefits that can come from them.

How quickly does it work?

StriVectin doesn’t give a specific time for when you should see results, and customers all seem to vary. I think it’s safe to say that it depends on the person, and it’s a sign of a good company that there is no specified time. I would expect to see some semblance of results by the time you finish the bottle though, and if it’s not enough, you can always look further up our list to see what other products may work better for you.

What is the quality of the ingredients?

The quality is about typical for most of these ingredients, although it does contain NIA 114, which is a patented and award winning ingredient. It has been featured in the New York Times and toted all over the world. StriVectin uses this ingredient in all of their products, which is part of what sets their company apart.

Really the only negative things I have to say about this product is that the price is very steep for a product with almost no guarantee. StriVectin does have a 30 day guarantee but only if you buy directly from them. 30 days is oftentimes not enough time to see if a product really works or not, so be ready to swallow the cost if you don’t see results within about 3 weeks of use.

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